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Team Pedro Sauer BJJ Association. Now Accepting New Affiliates.

The BJJ Association That Levels Up Your School. Community. Business.

“Second to none.” Ready to take your BJJ studio to the next level? To join a family of 150+ top schools, united by Pedro Sauer’s legendary curriculum?

We’re looking for schools with heart, dedication, and a commitment to being the best. Please apply only if you share these values.


Family of 150+
Affiliate Schools



Meet Your New Mentor. Pedro Sauer.

🥋 8th degree coral belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu. 

⭐ Trainer behind numerous high-level black belts.

🙏 Unmatched lineage: Mitsuyo Maeda, Carlos Gracie, Helio Gracie, Rickson Gracie.

Pedro Sauer is a trailblazer of BJJ. But beyond all else, he’s a teacher. His curriculums empower 150+ schools, changing thousands of lives.

And now, he’s here to help you grow the BJJ school you and your community deserve.

If ‘great’ isn’t good enough for you. If you’re always hungry to get better, for yourself and your students. Apply now and see if the Pedro Sauer Association is right for you.

The Curriculum That Changed the Game.

Want higher retention? More referrals? It starts on the mat. 

The Pedro Sauer Curriculum keeps students hooked. Every class is engaging, fun, challenging, action-packed. 

As a teacher – it’s exciting. And you feel proud knowing you’re teaching with precision & prestige.

As a student – it’s addicting. They tell all their friends, and keep coming back for more.

Pedro Sauer BJJ Association
Pedro Sauer BJJ Association

You're not alone. You're now part of a family of 150+ committed, focused schools.

Now that you’ve got your own studio, you have to spin so many plates. It can feel so overwhelming, like you have nowhere to turn. 

Not anymore. Every Pedro Sauer Affiliate gets mentorship, training, and access to our community of Affiliates.

Get support, insight, best practices, and more, from other schools like yours.

We're Looking For Schools That Want to be The Best


Everyone on Team Pedro Gets This & More

Full-Calendar Curriculum

Support When You Need it

Always Evolving

Built for Kids and Adults

Community of Focused Schools

Growing Video Library

In-Person Seminars & Events

We're Looking For Schools That Want to be The Best


"Grateful for the camaraderie and humbleness of the organization."

- Locust Grove Karate & Jiu-Jitsu
"Studying under Master Pedro has been amazing. Love the video reference for Curriculum. Love having a curriculum. Love passing on the best Jitz from such a legendary guy."

"Having a well defined core curriculum has been a huge benefit as a student and teacher with the association. The quality of the instructors and black belts had been top notch as well."

- Axial Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
"What makes Pedro Sauer BJJ Association so great are the friends we have made and being so close to the source."

- Peter Squire
Pedro Sauer BJJ Association

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